Black Friday Canada Deals 2016 & Contest to Win Cash!



Well the USA Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means the kick off of the holiday shopping season, and Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales!

Black Friday will be November 25, 2016 and Cyber Monday will be November 28, 2016

Please keep an eye on this blog post, we will be updating it throughout the week with all of the Black Friday sales and deals our staff finds!

Check Back on Monday for our Cyber Monday 2016 sales list

Black Friday Sales & Deals for 2016

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

  • Plan your trip, look at the flyers, check out our list. Decide on the store that has the best deals for you, plan a map of where you want to go first.
  • Get there early, like really early! Some people camp out the night before (crazy if you ask me, specially in this weather) But I suggest getting there at least an hour before the store opens, seriously any later than that and all the best deals will be gone by the time you get in the store.
  • Once you get in the store RUN to the item you want most, then get the other stuff.
  • DO NOT touch other people, no pushing or shoving. Just keep your hands to yourself.
  • Be patient at check out. The cashiers are feeling overwhelmed, no doubt people are yelling at them, and giving them a hard time about something that was sold out, or complaining about something (really! They are cashiers, they stand in that tiny little box all day, on their sore feet. They have no control over what is or isn’t on the shelves.)


  1. A surprise 🙂 Usually I know what I am getting and that takes all the magic out of it!

  2. I just want happiness for Christmas as most likely the last one with my babes’ Grandma!

  3. Hmmm…well, to be totally honest, the best thing I could get for Christmas would be money….sounds bad, I know, but it’s because I really need dental work (cavities) and I have zero coverage through work, so I sure could use some money to be able to get to the dentists. 🙂 New, cozy pjs would be great, too! There’s some really cute Christmas ones out there!

  4. Be Nice if someone paid my Visa for all the things I bought everyone else…hey why not dreaming’s free…..

  5. An external hard drive would be nice to use as back up storage for photos, if I ever get my digitals organized! (Hope this comment works, I do not see my last attempt posted )

  6. I find that giving is whole lot satisfying than receiving, however, I’m working on that…

  7. Tip on the list is for my daughter & family to get time off work to be able to come into for the Holidays! I would love to snuggle with the grandkids, can’t ask for more!

  8. Health, happiness and some caviar please. I’ve been good this year Santa!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  9. I just want my kids to be happy! But to be able to get a hair cut would be nice. Thanks!


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