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Black Angus Coupons For Canada

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Black River Angus Steak Spice

Black River Angus Steak is by far the best steak I have ever eaten. It is soft, moist, and mouth-watering.

No need to marinate overnight or several hours in the refrigerator before cooking. This product comes already marinated in the package. It sits in that marinade all the while before you even purchase the product.

What I love about these steaks is the fact that you do not even need a knife to cut them. They just fall apart with the touch of a fork. Now that’s high-quality steak.

The black packaging gives this product a Western feel and when you sprinkle on that delicious steak spice(included in the package as well) it gives it an even more feel of the West.

I like to keep the bottle of leftover spice to season other things like pork chops and meat dishes. Comes in very handy.

The Angus Beef Steaks are hand-trimmed so you know you are not getting any of the extra added fat that some of the other steaks out there may have. They come out tender and delicious, ready to cook and enjoy.

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