Booster Juice Canada Birthday Freebie

* The Birthday Smoothie Program closed as of Dec 31, 2018.

If you were subscribed to our newsletter before this date, you would receive a free smoothie coupon on your birthday in 2019.

As of Jan 1, 2020, no Booster Nation subscribers will be eligible for a free smoothie coupon for remaining subscribed.

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Booster Juice Contest 

Smoothie Drinks Products you may find :

  • Freshly Squeezed Juice
  • Classics Smoothies
  • Hardcore Smoothies
  • Superfood Smoothies
  • High Protein Smoothies
  • High Protein Superfood Smoothies

Booster Juice Lunch School Program:

Since the Booster juice menu is healthy and exceeds provincial school, all smoothies have less than 0.3g of fat and are not free.

Booster Juice provides a great nutritional healthy lunch.

How it Works

  1. Fill out the order form.
  2. Call or fax in or drop off your entire arrangement.
  3. They deliver your order on time.
  4. Select 2-3 choices of 100% Fruit Juice smoothies and meat wraps to give a natural selection.


Lean Meats, Real Cheese & Whole Wheat Tortillas


Fundraising Program.

Booster juice offers a great fundraising opportunity for any nonprofit organization.

Buy the vouchers at a discount price, and resell for the Maximum allotted price.  You will then earn over $1.00 profit per voucher.

To Sign up, Simply visit your local Booster Juice Store. And ask for details!


What are Your thoughts about Booster Juice?

I don’t mind Booster Smoothies – I’ve only had it a few times – as I don’t have one near me – but I love the idea of getting protein and vitamin boosts in your drink.