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It’s all about the denim people. If you want the perfect fitting pair of jeans head to your nearest Bootlegger Store immediately.

If you are so over the whole low-rise era, now is the time to step into the future of denim. Take back our power as women and throw caution to the wind. Many women cannot pull off the whole low-rise style. At Bootlegger you can still purchase this style but there are many other flattering styles available as well.

Choose between styles like skinny, straight, slim bootcut, rise and plain bootcut depending on your body type.

Men’s styles include bootcut, loose, and straight.

Caring for denim

The do’s and don’t of caring for your denim items. How to wash them and store them for proper care and have them last a long, long time. Why spend your hard earned cash on an item that you are only going to destroy if you do not know how to take the best care possible of them.

This company brand was first introduced in 1971 and primarily is focused on young adults. Find jeans, tops, and styles that are sure to please.

Kismet Clothing

This brand holds one of the biggest selection of styles when shopping Bootlegger. Dresses, accessories, and shirts in different styles, colors, and fashion tastes.


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