Bootlegger New Years Eve Sale: Save 31% off everything starts now!


Bootlegger Canada New Years Eve Sale

  • 31% off everything starts now!
  • 10% off every purchase with a Bootlegger card
  • $2.00 Shipping on orders $50 +: use code TOONIESHIP
  • $1.00 Shipping to any Bootlegger Store

Valid online only!

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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Offer ends December 31th, 2017

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Become A Card Holder

When you purchase a Bootlegger Member Card, you will receive special treatment. You will get a minimum of 10% off every day of the week all year long.  Also you will get special sales designed for exclusive card members only. The card is only $10.00 and is valid for one year.  And you will receive a special birthday offer on the month of your birthday. Buy a Card Today

Kismet Clothing

This is one of Bootleggers biggest selection when shopping.  Kismet Clothing consists of shirts, dresses, and accessories.  You’ll always find trendy youthful looks when shopping this brand.  Also known for Quality wash and wear.

Company Overview

Bootlegger is one of Canada’s retailers, providing great jeans, and fashion styles topos for value and style targeted towards young adults

The Company started in 1971

Bootlegger Canada

Bootlegger is a Canadian clothing company that was founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1971. The original name of the company was the General Pant Company but it was later changed into the current name.

The fashion brand was launched mainly aiming at the free-spirited young adults from the late 60s, who went partly crazy over jeans and denim outfits. They wanted to catch the pulse of the young generation and they did it successfully. Over these 40+ years, Bootlegger has become successful in growing itself into one of the most renowned and reliable brands in Canada.

Bootlegger manufactures products for fashion savvy men and women mostly aged between 18 and 34. Their products include jeans, tees, shirts, fleece, sweaters, outwear, pants, winterwear, fashion tops, dresses, skirts, leggings, and accessories like jewelry, wristwatches, scarves, caps, keychains, capes, belts, wallets, and many more. They take pride in being the ‘best place for jeans’ and everything that goes with jeans.

The designs and styles of Bootlegger products are just brilliant. They are open to new ideas and materialize them with great execution. Shop their products directly from their site or their stores. They offer return and exchanges if you find any flaw with the purchased products.


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