Bounce Sheets Sale – $0.03 per load






Save on Bounce Dryer Sheets!

Right now, you can purchase 200 Count Bounce Dryer sheets for just $7.48, and there’s a $1.00 Instant Coupon – so you can get this deal for $6.48  That’s Like $0.03 per load!

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Right Now Walmart has the bounce sheets on  for $9.99 – so if you don’t like to shop online you can shop local and use a Bounce product Coupon to help save 





About Bounce:

Bounce Sheets help clothes not only smell good coming out of the dryer but helps with static clean. No More static! Simply add one sheet in the dryer when putting wet clothes in.

Places to Add Bounce Sheets in your home to get rid of odours

  •  Bottom of laundry baskets
  • Bottom of waste Baskets
  • Put under the front seat of the car
  • Place in empty luggage

Bounce Sheets Alternatives:

Use Aluminum Foil – Simply rip a big chunk of aluminum foil and crumple into a ball – you can use this for many loads.



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