Broadway Nails Canada Review


I recently got a chance to review Broadway Nails from Influencer!

Just to let you all know – I’m not a girly girl.  So I was curious about these “press on nails”. I have seen various brands hanging on store shelves previously – but never really gave it much thought about it.

When my package arrived from Influencer, I was so pleased to see the black and silver crackle finish – I was thinking “Yes something more my style” especially once I seen the hot pink pkg included. Sorry I’m just not a pink girl.

I carefully read the instructions about  10 times in the last 3 weeks – thinking – I should sit down and try these out. But always something stopped me – I needed to plant flowers, mow the grass, rake the grass, etc all with possibly could ruin these nails.  I even took the pkg on holidays thinking I’ll do it than. But no go – I still was under the impression it was going to take an hour to put on.

So today since I got another friendly reminder to do the review on the nails – I packed them in my travel bag – hoping quite possibly I can perhaps squeeze in the time  to get the nails done.

And Low and behold I will be at my husband’s company function – and I took one look at my beaten up nails and said to myself  ” I need to make time”.

I literally sat down – re-read the instructions.  – even though I was pretty sure on they worked. I simply cleaned my nails, and used the scruffer quickly over my natural nails and the peel and stick nails – I was completely done in less than 10 minutes!

Now How come I couldn’t have found the time in the last 3 weeks?

I’m not sure how long they will last – the pkg says 7 days. I will be golfing tomorrow and I’m sure they will be put through to the test.


I think every girl should have a set – for emergencies.  Incase your nails aren’t looking up to snuff and you need to make a decent impression – this 10 minute nail miracle – will do in a pinch!


I have seen other reviews and have seen pictures of other’s people’s selections – so there’s tons of variety of nail polish styling with these press ons.

Only Negative:

They did give 12 different sizes – and 24 nails – but I did have some fun trying to figure out which finger  they should match to.




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