Bunchems Toy Ruining Kids Hair – Important Info For Parents


Special Alert for Parents this Holiday Season – Bunchems!!

Bunchems are one of the hottest toys on many kid’s Holiday Wish Lists this year. However, parents need to know about the problems that are being experienced with these toys.

They are colourful building balls with tiny soft hooks attached. 

When they get in your child’s hair, they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Many parents have had to cut their kid’s hair to remove this toy.

It seems the popularity of Bunchems is decreasing and parents across the globe are getting upset with the makers of this popular toy.

There have been reports of parents spending hours getting Bunchems out of their child’s hair. One child had to have her long hair cut to a bob because they were impossible to get out. I would be livid and would probably shed a tear or two if my daughter’s long hair had to be cut because of something like this.


I thought I would share this latest development with our readers because the Holiday Season is upon us and I assume many of you would want to know so you can avoid anything like this happening to your own child.

Please spread the word about Bunchems and let other parents know.

Important note; this is NOT a recall. Just a fact that parents need to be aware of.

Bunchems are being sold out at many retailers and continues to be a very popular and fun toy. There are many positive aspects associated with this toy, like teaching motor skills, etc.  Just be aware of this latest development.


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