Cadbury Chocolate bars for $0.75 each

New Cadbury Caramilk Deal

Right now at you can get a 4pk of Caramilk bars for Just $3.13

This works out to each chocolate bar being $0.75 each


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Created by Cadbury back in 1968 – Did you know it was created in Canada! A smiliar bar is currently in the USA and Austrailia under Caramello.

Variations are available some with Rolls, darker chcolate or cappuccino over the years has been introduced.

Can you eat 5 Chocolate bars in one sitting?

Watch this youtuber consume 5 caramilk chocolate bars in 18 minutes! Oh my god I would of been over flowing by bar 2 – I would have had the same reaction just earlier!

How many bars can you consume?

How Cadbury Creme Eggs are Made

Here’s a great youtube video explaining how your two favorite delights of Cadbury Creme eggs and Mini eggs are made.  I know I have wondered when I was a kid! So if your in the need to know category is a video just for you!






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