Canada Dry Contest – Win $5000 Cash

Win $5000 with this Canada Dry Chinese New Years Contest

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There is a new Canada Dry Contest ( Remember to scroll down to find the Instant win Daily giveaway), and they already have another contest on the way!

Chinese New Years Contest: You can win $5000 Cash, and we’ll quickly show you how to enter to help some lucky Canadian Win this prize.

How to Enter

You will need a UPC to enter this contest. 

Courtesy of Canadian Free Stuff: Here is one you can use today: 062100008935

Just head over to the website linked below and enter the UPC to begin, then submit your information.

Contest Rules:

  • Open to Canadian Residents Only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Enter Daily

Click Here to Enter

Contest Ends December March 5, 2021

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Good luck.

Canada Dry Logo

Canada Dry Brand

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group purchased the Canada Dry Brand in 2008.

It has been around for over a century and continues to be a favourite for many people worldwide. They are known as ginger-ale to most.

I can remember being given this as a child to settle an upset stomach, and boy did that stuff work.

The word “dry” comes from the fact that it is a soft drink but not so sweet—sort of like a dry wine.

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Win $5000 with this Canada Dry Chinese New Years Contest


  1. Vous dites que le concours est pour les résidents du Canada seulement. Donc nous les québécois ne sommes pas des Cananadiens???
    Je crois que je vais cesser d en acheter et aviser mon entourage. Comme disait la madame plus haut c’est très frustrant en effet.

  2. A very controversial and discriminatory game excluding Quebec residents while selling the products in the province with the label attracting the customer. On top of all terminating the game earlier isn’t legal. Shame on Canadia Dryn

  3. My name is David Dillabaugh have entered three separate codes and am told they do not exist C3J,
    C3499, and CCXZ4 WHY?

  4. how is it we can buy your Canada dry here in Quebec, but be cannot play the contest like the rest of Canada?

  5. If these contests aren’t open to people in Quebec why do you sell theses products with the contest information in Quebec. This is very frustrating for us.

  6. I can’t find any information on the closing this contest early – Where did you find this information? They have not updated the Rules or anywhere on their website.

  7. I’ve entered 2 PIN only to be informed that the numbers weren’t valid. The PINs are CH17M4WM33AE and CP3X2792EE27. Please inform as to the reason for this.

  8. My bottle-cap has only10 digits – 5 over the leaf and 5 under the leaf ?????


  10. Please contact Canada Dry, the Official Sponsor of this contest if you are having problem entering your pin number.

  11. I used the pin on package of 12 cans and same pin # on bottom of can but it comes back saying wrong pin # entered ??? love the taste of the ginger ail Ray

  12. Why an i buying this long favoured drink–Canada Dry– BECAUSE i LOVE IT-i’m and old timer–and i notice contest ends end Sept 2017-i just bought a case from Cdn Tire St John’s Where is Pin number please ??

  13. This reply is to Jeff Blackwood. Hi Jeff. The numbers under the bottle cap are one 12 diget number (the upper number would be entered first followed by the lower number. No spaces between the two sets of numbers). In your case enter number CKRZ3WEW4E9X. Hope this helps. Good luck in the contest.

  14. We love Canada Dry gingerale in our house, especially in the summer when we add it to beer!!!DELICIOUS!!!

  15. Hello I am trying to enter for the contest for the $100,000.00 but its telling me not valid in Quebec is that possible.

  16. Love the taste of Canada Day ginger ale. Can really appreciate the taste of the ginger. I remember my Aunt using ginger ale to cook in a chicken, nice with nachos as a snack or tacos. Jeanne

  17. Contest is open only to residents of Canada who have reached the legal age of majority in their province/territory of residence at the time of
    entry; except employees, representatives, agents, officers or directors (and those with whom such persons are living, whether related or not) of the
    Sponsor, its divisions, subsidiaries, associated and affiliated entities, bottlers, redemption/recycling centres, prize suppliers, advertising/promotion
    agencies and any other individual(s), entity or entities involved in the development, production, implementation, administration or fulfillment of
    the Contest (including, but not limited to, participating foodservice/on premise/convenience locations) (collectively, the “Contest Parties”).

  18. For some reason, I can’t enter the contest. The note says I am invalid in this area. Is Quebec excluded?

  19. I slice fresh apples and soak them in Canada Dry ginger ale for a few hours to keep them from turning brown. I drain the slices and serve them with Caramel dip that I top with granola

  20. Hello,I live now in Mississauga,and I ‘ll like to join your team,and to work with you : I am an Industrial pharmacist,formed in FRANCE,by the pharmaceutical Center of Châtenay-Malabry Malabry.Please,write me

  21. I’ve submitted the 2 sets of numbers under the bottle cap but the site shows invalid. why?
    Numbers under the cap are CKRZ 3W and EW4E9X

  22. Since i remember my mother every 2 Sunday was using Ginger ale to cook a chicken … so Saturday night the big treat was popcorn and a glass over Ginger ale and watching hockey

  23. Love the diet ginger ale have been drinking it for years and will continue to do so.


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