Canadian Gas Prices – Who’s to blame?

I’m generally not a writer. Nor am I one for getting into politics, but after Talking to Wanda from, I was a little upset.Here in Northern Alberta ( where we pull  a lot of oil and Natural gas out of the ground and supply much of Canada and USA) Gas prices are $114.9, and talking to Wanda in Ontario where gas was $101.9.     Where does this make sense?

Whom’s making the money? And why does Ontario get a break, considering they have Provincial tax added where Alberta doesn’t.

Now I know the oil companies Get paid “Market Value” by the barrel. So they aren’t making the  “extra “money.

Now From Personal Experience As I owned a gas station for a few years. It’s not the gas station owner. I made 3 cents per liter.  I made that regardless of the price of gas.

Whom do I think is to blame?  Well I think it’s the ” Refining Companies ” Example Shell has a Refinery in Southern Alberta.   So In Alberta Shell buys it by the barrel and Refines it for all their Shell Gas Stations.  I know Fas Gas  has now went to “Esso” Gas for all their gas stations.  Fas Gas is an Alberta owned gas station franchise. I am only talking about them, since I owned one of theirs, and I know how it worked.  Fas Gas used to buy from Petro Canada until the deal went through with Esso.   I know Fas Gas bought from which ever Refinery was “cheapest” because the slips of paper of received gas would come in and it would say which Product and where it came from.  I wish it would of said “cost” on the delivery sheet.  I asked the Territorial Manager about the cost one day and I was told they profited about 10 cents per liter, ( I don’t know if this is truth or not) but this was before the prices across Canada became so radical.

The Fas Gas I owned was not  a power house, I only followed what the other stations were doing, basically. I got a phone call from a Territory Manager and got told what to change the gas to, If another gas station lowered their price, I would have to call it in, and then get permission to lower it.  To help the consumer and myself out, when the other gas stations raised their price, I pretended not to notice until my phone call came in.

Why do I think the gas prices are different from Alberta and Ontario? Simple,  I think because of population base, and many more politicians reside in riding in Ontario then any other province.  That has to be the reason.  It makes No other sense.  Perhaps The citizens of Ontario are much like Wanda from and are putting pressure on the ones that have the power to change.

What is the price of a 4 Liter Milk Jug?  I asked Wanda and she figured where she lives it was close to $4.00 Here in Northern Alberta ( where we also have dairy cows) $5.89.  With the high prices of gas in  Alberta we are now having high prices of Inflation on everything. Or this is what people are using as an excuse anyhow.

We always talk about the gas prices at the forum and Marty announced this site. Check out Gas to see how much your being gouged at the pump today.  Northern Alberta has been paying according to this site about 40 cents a liter pure profit for someone.

I think we as the citizens of this country need to do something, Whether it’s joining a boy  cott, Phoning our MLA’s,  Start a Petition, We need to do something, I come to the conclusion I’m tired of complaining about it, It’s time to do something.

What are your thoughts about the Canadian Gas Prices?



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