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Car Proof Canada – New Appraisal Estimator Tool

A New Cool Website has just launched for Canada- Vehicle Appraisal

This new Online Website/Tool will be a great tool to help buy and sell a used car!

Since Car Proof has been around a long time, and already helps you with knowing if the car you want to buy has been in an accident or how much work has been done – it was only a matter of time the data can now be used to help you price out to sell your old car, or perhaps your in the market and scrolling Kijii –

They use data to help calculate the value based on the vehicles unique history, which could include prior damage, how many km it as, and where it has been registered. By combining this information with the amount similar vehicles have sold for, they can give you a somewhat area of what that vehicle should appraise at.

The Mission of this website is to the Help take out the guesswork around purchasing or listing a used vehicle.

You can get a range of estimate for FREE – but you can upgrade to get all the specifics with using the VIN to get all the history records unique to that car.

Visit: to learn more.


About CarProof

CARPROOF, is Canada’s source of automotive information, delivering vehicle history, appraisal, and valuation.  Founded in the year 2000



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  1. No but if it ‘s Newer than i think 2008 if its been worked on for an accident – you will see that it was in an accident and where the vehicle was hit and how much the repair bill was. The bill is a good indicator on how much damage was done. If it’s like 2500 then you know it was just the cosmetics of it – but if it was $7000 and the car is only worth $5,000 do you take the risk it is the question. I always get one – Like to see how many owners its went through etc.

  2. Car proof is useless because for the most part it doesn’t show repairs to vehicle!!!! What do people really need to know??


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