Cascades Fluff Coupons Canada – Save on Toilet Paper or Paper Towel


Cascades Fluff Savings

Cascades Fluff is a Canadian Brand of Environment-friendly bathroom tissue, produced in Quebec Canada. They always have a saving coupon available each year. And of Course, Canadianfreestuff is always here to show you the discounts you can save by using a coupon!

Cascades Fluff Coupon

Save on Toilet Paper or Paper Towel.

This coupon is available in Print format only.

  • Save $1.00 off Cascades Fluff or Cascades Tuff products.

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This Cascades coupon expiry date is December 31, 2020

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About Cascades Fluff

The Cascades is located in Quebec and is a leader in the manufacturing of ecological papers in Canada. They use post-consumer fibres to manufacture, as well as uses local renewable energy from the decomposition of wastes that are buried underground.

They whiten their products by using sodium hydrosulphite to bleach, as its a non-chlorine that is less damaging to the world.

How they manufacture:

  1. The manufacturing process begins with recycled papers such as newspapers, junk mail, and magazines.
  2. The paper is disintegrated and mixed with water to create pulp, and then they do a unique process to eliminate solids such as glue.
  3. The pulp is then washed and whitened with sodium hydrosulphite.
  4. Then ran into a paper machine to dry and is now paper
  5. Then is wrapped in rolls that are converted into different products

Contact Them

1 800 567-1022 or by email:


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