, Catelli Canada Free Sample Opportunity


Catelli Free Sample Opportunity!

Right now, Family Rated Members ( Free to Join) can apply and get an opportunity for a Free Sample of Catelli pasta!

You might get a chance to sample one of the following products.

  • Smart: tastes just like traditional white pasta but with added fibre
  • Healthy Harvest®:  100% whole grain Canadian wheat
  • SuperGreens 100% Canadian wheat plus green veggies such as spinach & kale
  • Bistro –  made with real vegetables and all-natural ingredients.
  • Express: no-boil convenience for faster bake times
  • Gluten-Free: Made with white and brown rice, corn, and quinoa

For Extra consideration, Make sure you use the following hashtag on social media: #CatelliPastaNight.

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Hurry Free Sample opportunity ends September 30, 2018

Catelli History

Of Course, the Catelli history dates back to Italy, where pasta was practically invented. A man named Carlo Catelli came to settle in Montreal, Quebec in 1867, he began making and selling pasta on the streets, and he became well known – and the rest is history, folks – We’ve been eating it ever since!