CBC Contest Canada: Win $200 Cash ( 10 Winners)

Cash of hundred dollar canadian bills with text win 1 of 10 $200 cash prizes



New CBC Contest for Canada.

Sponsored with Royal Bank of Canada

CBC’s Financially Unfiltered Contest

Enter to Win a $200 Cash Prize (10 winners)

What are you saving for? That’s the Question they want to be answered. They want you to tell them about your relationship with money.

10 stories will be rewarded with a $200 Cash prize. y April 15th, 2019 11:59 pm EST for a chance to win.


  • Open to Canadian Residents only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Single Entry

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This CBC Contest Ends April 15, 2019


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CBC News

If you want to be kept up-to-date on all the latest happenings in your local area and all around the world, be sure to watch CBC News. From entertainment to business news and everything in between. If it’s happening now, CBC is sure to know about it.

CBC stands for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Did you know that this company was founded in November of 1936? Of course, it was found only on the radio at that time.

CBC Canada is responsible for multiple elements of the news in Canada. The CBC or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation actually started as a radio broadcast station in 1936 and has grown since then to include radio, local television, international cable, and the Internet. From the weather to sports, entertainment and news, the CBC has Canada covered.

The CBC’s most important guideline to live by is to practice fair reporting. In a time when media is easily bought off to be one-sided, this is no small thing. Yet the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sticks by their goal to always offer the public both sides of every issue. Of course,e not everyone is interested in the news and prefers the weather station, sports, or entertainment. Even at the local level with stations like Local CBC News: Toronto at Six, there is plenty of information to get from an unbiased source like the CBC.


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