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Calling all Sensitive Skin family members. Cetaphil is not only a Canadian Skin Care Line, but it is so free of harsh chemicals and really does have lots of hydration in their skincare products. There are quite a few savings opportunities for Cetaphil, and we have gathered several coupons to help save you money on a wide range of products

Cetaphil Coupons

Cetaphil Baby products

  • Save$3.00 on any Cetaphil Baby Products.

Available in print format only.

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The expiry date is unknown.



Moisturizer Coupon 

Save on Cleanser or Moisturizer with this coupon that is Candian.

  • Save$3.00 on Cetaphil Cleanser or Moisturizer.

This coupon is available in print format only.

Print Here

The expiry date is unknown.

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Cleanser Coupon 

Another Similar coupon but just for a lesser amount, but hey, one can’t have too many coupons to help save money.

  • Save$2.00 on Cetaphil Cleanser or Moisturizer.

The coupon is available in print format only.

Print Here

The Cetaphil Coupon expiry date is unknown.

$5.00 Baby product Coupon

  • $5.00 in value of Cetaphil Baby Product 

Available are in print format.

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The expiry dates are unknown.



Skincare Coupons for Canada.

Join the Skin Care Club to Get:

  • $3.00 in value of Cetaphil coupons 

Coupons available are in print format.

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Coupons’ expiry dates are unknown.

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About Cetaphil Moisturizer:

Cetaphil offers a vast line of total body skincare solutions that will hydrate and soften your skin, with six different moisturizing products.

About Cetaphil Dermacontrol 

Cetaphil Dermacontrol has SPF30 that works together to control shine, as well as protects your skin’s natural moisture. The foam wash cleans and is infused with moisturizer to help hydrate skin as well as sunscreen.

About Cetaphil Restoraderm: 

Cetaphil Restoraderm wash and lotion protects your skin and gives you relief from dry, itchy skin, Total all body use, including the face, and perfect for the whole family, including babies that are over three months old.

Made in Canada: 

Cetaphil was produced in Canada since 1947, and its factory is in Montreal.

Cetaphil is known by dermatologists to be a safe and straightforward formula for people with sensitive skin and is an excellent alternative to traditional soap. Cleansers.



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