Chapmans Kids Club: Earn Free Prizes

Chapmans Kids Club Earn Free Prizes


Jun 15, 2020

Free Stuff When You Join Chapman’s Kids Club

Join the Chapman’s Ice Cream kids club, and get FREE stuff!

New Prizes Have Been Added!!

Once you join the kids club, you earn points by playing games and doing other fun activities. Use your points to “buy” your free prizes!

Current Prizes Include:

  • Chapman’s Apron – Teen 4500 Points(1 per year)
  • Troll Kids Line Lunch Bag7500 Points(2 per year)
  • Unicode Kids Line Lunch Bag7500 Points(2 per year
  • Wizard Kids Line Lunch Bags7500 Points(2 per year)
  • Knight Kids Line Lunch Bag7500 Points(2 per year)
  • Chapman Red Dragon Figurine5000 Points(
  • Chapman Unicode Figurine5000 Points(2 per year)
  • Kids Line Goblin T-Shirt Youth XS 15000 Points
  • YUKON Lanyard Key Chain 4000 Points
  • Kids Line Goblin T-Shirt Youth SM 15000 Points
  • Kids Line Goblin T-Shirt Youth1500
  • Kids Line Goblin T-Shirt Youth LG 15000
  • Kids Line Goblin T-Shirt Youth-XL 1500
  • Kids Line 16 Piece Puzzle 6000 Points
  • Kids Line Goblin Bookmarks: Set of 2 2000 Points
  • Kids Activity Book 8000 Points

Join The Chapman’s Kids Club

This offer is ongoing!!

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How Points Work at

“Try your luck in the games or activities sections and see just how many valuable prize points you can win on each visit!

As a Kids Club member, you can earn a maximum of 600 points per day. You can obtain these points by playing any or all of the games and activities, or by performing one or two games or activities repeatedly.

Once you have reached the maximum 600 points for the day, at any time during the day, you will not be able to earn points again until the following day, beginning at midnight.”

How To Claim Your Prize with Chapmans Kids Club

“Here you can spend the points you’ve won in the games to purchase real-world prizes!

Hover over any item and press “Add to Cart” to add the prize to your shopping cart. Press “Details” to view the award closer. 

Below each item is the max amount of a prize type you can get in a year and how many of your points it will cost.

The Brand

Did you know that Chapman’s Ice Cream is a Canadian owned and operated the company?

It was founded in 1973 by David and Penny Chapman.

To date, it is THE largest ice cream producer in Canada. This company also manufactures ice water products.

Chapman’s Ice Cream

This brand is most well-known for the Chapmans Ice Cream.

Creamy and delicious with a lot of love thrown in.

They are all about family, kids, and producing the highest quality products out there today.

The packaging, price, and the fact that you can get peanut-free, fat-free, and a wide variety of Chapmans Ice Cream attest to their high-quality customer satisfaction.

When I am grocery shopping with my kids, they always, ALWAYS, go to Chapman’s products first. They love the taste and the bright colours and just the brand in general. I like it because of the low-fat options that they offer. I feel good letting my kids eat this for a treat.

Chapman’s Slice Cream

Have you heard of the new Chapman’s Slice Cream?! Sort of like a cake, some kind of like ice cream.

Oh my gosh, this product is delicious! Just slice the creamy dessert into the size piece you would like and sit back and enjoy.

Come in a variety of mouth-watering flavours.

The next time you find yourself at your local grocery store, be sure to try the New Chapman’s Slice Cream. You will not be disappointed!!



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  1. The only ice cream we eat is Chapman’s!! The best. I used your $1 coupon this past week. We buy all the different kinds you make!!! Thanks so much.

  2. we love,love,love chapman’s icecream.we arealways excited when we go to a corner store and their cones are chapman’s.

  3. I love your products. I would appreciate a $4 coupon so I can treat my family! Thank you.

  4. I’m writing to request your 2018 coupon. Yours are our favourite ice creams and yogurts. Thanks.

  5. Thank you chapmans For my coupon! Me and the hubby love your ice cream products! Thanks again!!

  6. I like to have the $4.00coupon as I like Chapman ice cream so much especially the mini ice cream cone & the ice cream sandwich.

  7. Randy,
    To get a coupon, please follow the instruction in the post and request your coupon directly from the company. We are not able to provide coupons.

  8. i love ur slice cream,, an teh choc in box reminds me of hwhen i was little 44 yrs ago,,lol,,may i please recieve a 4.00 coupon,,,,yummmy,,, randy

  9. I love ice-cream and have always enjoyed your product. Life moves on and not only am I diabetic, I also suffer with IBS .( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Its very frustrating, because what you can eat as a diabetic, you can’t with IBS. I was so grateful and relieved because you had an ice-cream I could eat….but the industry, and not just you have gone nuts combining Splenda with another sweetener. Someone has not done their due diligence….if they had, your company would have left the special diet ice-cream the way it was. When you have IBS! You must avoid sugar alcohols because that is what triggers IBS attacks. The addition of sugar alcohols to the special diet ice-cream has also given it an unpleasant taste. Perhaps you should familiarize yourselves with the FODMAP’s diet, found on the Canadian Digestive Association site. I can’t tell you how disappointed and frustrated I am…so now my choices are regular, full sugar ice-cream or making my own. That also means I must compare and see which brand has the least sugar to compensate. I’ve always considered Chapmans a company that really cares, but I’m so disappointed and frustrated with the uneducated changes made to a product that didn’t need changing….but I would become ever so grateful and appreciative if you only brought back the the lactose free-sugar free vanilla ice-cream without sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are anything that end with “ols”……stevia’s scientific name also ends with “ols”.

  10. love your ice cream Esp ice-cream sandwiches ….And even if you can’t give me coupons . that is OK still buy your ice-cream TY .

  11. im very interested in getting coupons, your ice cream is the only kind we eat,you make the best ice cream we have had.thank you ,and happy new year,kim o rourke,

  12. I would like to get a $4 dollars off coupon in the mail for your ice cream. Thank you

  13. I would like to get a $4 dollars off coupon in the mail for your ice cream. I only buy Chapman’s products all the time. It’s the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Thank you

  14. Hi Renee:

    You have to contact Chapman’s directly with your coupon request. There is an email address in the above blog post to use to do that. Good luck and enjoy!!

  15. Hello. every year I enjoy your free $4.00 coupon. I have a friend who would like one too. She doesn’t have a computer so can’t send for it.I told her I would do it for her.

    Thank-you very much. Renee

  16. You will have to contact Chapman’s directly to receive your coupons. You can email them and they will send you out a coupon once per year. Enjoy!!

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