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Checkout 51 is a free app that maximizes savings by providing users with rebates and cash back. The app can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google play, so it works on both iPhones and Androids. They are now in Beta testing for Web application ( for those people without a “smartphone”  . The company that created Checkout 51 is based in Toronto.

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How the App Works


Checkout 51 lets you save on groceries by following a simple process:

1. Every Thursday at 12 a.m., the app is updated with a new list of rebates. You should check the list every week since it changes.

2. After shopping at any store in Canada (except Quebec) for the items listed as offers, you have to keep your receipt.

3. You must take a picture of your entire receipt and upload it with the app. You should do this as quickly as possible because the offers expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.

4. After your receipt is approved, you will see a credit for the offer amount.

5. Once you accumulate $20, you can ask for a check. It is possible to redeem for higher amounts.

Helpful Hints to Maximize Savings  



Checkout 51 limits users to one rebate per account for a particular offer and buying multiples of the same product will not result in a bigger check. The app also limits how many times you can use a receipt. It will only allow you to use each receipt once. However, if you buy different items that are eligible for the rebates, then you can use the same receipt.


Pasta sauce and cereal are on the offer list:

  • If you purchase four cans of pasta sauce, then you will only get a rebate for one of them.
  • If you purchase one can of pasta sauce and one box of cereal at the same time, then you will get rebates for both items.

It is important to have clear receipts because your rebates can be rejected for blurry or unreadable text. In addition, you cannot cut off any portion of the receipt. Even the store name and date should be included. The app will let you load it in sections, so a longer receipt is not a problem.


You should pay attention to the exclusive offers that occasionally show up on the app. These are targeted and will vary for each person. Checkout 51 uses your past rebate history to create these exclusive offers.

 Double UP 

Checkout 51 lets more than one member of the household participate. However, each person must have his or her own account.In addition, they cannot reuse receipts.

You will need  to do a separate transaction for this, and upload separate  receipt on other phone/computer on to spouse’s account. 


You may use coupons ( Unless offer says “Can not be combined with other offers”) to help further reduce the cost of the item – Potentially Free.

* Dove* Brand is a prime example of this. 


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