Cheerios Rebate: Free Youth Tshirt & Sunflower Seeds

cheerios free tshirt with pin



Free Tshirt from Cheerios

Right now when you purchase specially marked Cheerios box’s you can receive a free “Bring Back the Bees” Youth  Tshirt and as well as Free Sunflower seeds!

Look out for specially marked packages!

Cheerios Boxes:

PIN codes are available on select boxes of Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and MultiGrain Cheerios.

You will need to click below to enter the special pin found in the specialty marked boxes

Hurry there are only 50,000 Free Tshirts available.

Click Here for Pin Entry. This offer is no Longer Available

Available while supplies Last.

See Other Rebates Available 

Bring Back the Bees!

Cheerios and Versey’s has a great partnership with trying to help the Bee population grow, and every year they try by educating the public on how us as individuals can help the bees repopulate to once again flourish and help the environment.

Start today by growing flowers in your yard or on your deck! Bees love bright colours of flowers and many are easy to grow such as sunflowers or pansies or wild daisies.




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