If you can’t be bothered with meal planning, as a great way of saving money on groceries, you can spruce up various dinners with a subscription meal box Chefs Plate Promo Code for this week.

Chefs Plate Promo Code Canada 2023

You can pick your ingredients and meals, then the groceries to make the dish, including the recipe, and create the meal and have dinner ready quickly. To save on your next Chef’s plate, consider using one of the following discounts available today to enjoy.

Chefs Plate Promo Code

You’re invited to cook smarter with a special discount on Chef’s plate easy-to-cook meals.

You have to choose your recipes, and we’ll deliver pre-portioned ingredients to your doorstep.

Enjoy a total of $66 OFF throughout your first 3 boxes!


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Chefs Plate Shipping Policy

The Chef’s plate delivers meal plans to the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.   Enter your postal code on their homepage to determine if Chef’s plate delivers meal boxes to your town.

Free Shipping  on all orders (It’s built into the cost per serving)

Chef plate menu- To save on your next Chef's plate, consider using one of the following Chefs plate coupon. For deals on your next food box, use a Chefs Plate promo code.

Chefs Plate Subscription Menu

The Menu at the Chef’s Plate is constantly changing; You never have to worry about being bored with the same old menu plan.  There are New recipes per week.  All you need to do s to look at the page that says “on the menu” section, which features some excellent #foodporn photography and what you can create this week with a list of ingredients that will be delivered to your home.

At Chef’s Plate, the menu constantly changes, with new dishes for diners to create every week.

If you’d like to check out this week’s options, head to the Chef’s Plate “On the Menu” section, which features delicious photos of what you can make from this week’s ingredients, with recipes for each of the four meal plans for you to cook.

For deals on your next food box, use a Chefs Plate promo code for the best prices compared to competitors.

How much is the Chef’s plate?

First, you will need to decide on 1 of the four meal plans: “Family, Classic, Vegetarian, and the 15 minutes”.

And choose which plan for servings ( 2 or 4), and then check out which promo code you want to save on first.  The Family meal plan will be the most expensive and lesser for the Vegetarian. But the Family plan works out to less money per serving.

The amount you spend at Chef’s Plate depends on your plan style. There are four classes of meal plans: Family, Vegetarian, Classic, and 15-Minute.

There is no subscription or membership fee to join. The Price range is $8.99. per serving on our Family Plan and up to $12.95 on our 15-Minute Meal Plan.

To save on your next Chef's plate, consider using one of the following Chefs plate coupon. For deals on your next food box, use a Chefs Plate promo code.

The Best Chefs Plate Promo Code

The easiest way to save on the chef plate Canada is to refer a friend if you are a good influencer because you can save $40.00 off your next box. But once you sign up and take the original first offer of $50 off your first plate, watch your newsletters in your emails for other coupon codes to save on your next plate.

What’s better, Hello Fresh or chefs plate?

The biggest difference between Hello Fresh and Chefs Plate is that Chef’s Plate is a Canadian Company, and Hello Fresh was originally an American Company with a Canadian presence.

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Chef’s Plate Canada

Chefs plate coupon Canada

Chef’s Plate Canada’s idea is to help fellow Canadians with meal prep and not worry about shopping for groceries to create different meal plans.

Every week you will find a selection of select meal kit plate boxes where you, as a food lover, can get fresh produce from Canadian farms.  The meal boxes aren’t cheap, but with coupon codes popping up all the time, you can enjoy a major cost reduction by using a chef’s plate promo code or a Chefs Plate coupon and save money on your first order.  If you fall in love with Chef’s plate, don’t forget to grab and keep all the recipes to use later on.

The History and the Story

Chef plate was launched in 2014 – 7 years ago; since its launch, they have been building relationships with local Canadian farmers and actual Canadian suppliers.  You will find some of Canada’s best fresh vegetables and meat sources when you purchase from Chef’s plate.

Also, for those Foodies out there, you will be pleased to know that chefs’ plate works hard to keep their food waste down to a minimum, and any food that cannot get delivered to customers is donated to a local Foodies Bank.  Abbotsford Food Bank and Second Harvest.