Chevrolet Canada Free Hockey Helmets for 5 year old Children


Get a Free Hockey Helmet for a 5 year old if you qualify.

Chevrolet gives out Canadian Families Free Hockey Helmets to 5 year old kids.

To Qualify:

  • Have a Child born in 2009
  • Registered in Hockey

Click Here to Register for Free Helmet if you Qualify 

How to Get Free Hockey Helmet.

1. Get all your information needed in order.  ( Child Birth Certificate/ Print out form of Chevy, Hockey Registration )

2. Take all your information and form down to your local Chevrolet Dealer to be verified.

3. The Chevrolet Dealer will then give you a Voucher to a FGL Sports Store to get a Bauer Helmet

  • FGL Sport Store will include Sports Chek

What kind of Free Helmet Do I Get?

Your child will receive a Chevrolet Bauer 2100 Helmet Combo – Jr.  This helmet is adjustable and will fit the majority of 5 yr old children.

Why Does Chevrolet Give out Free Helmets?

Chevrolet is very passionate about Hockey. Chevrolet is committed to keeping young players safe while playing the game, and believes young players should have an opportunity to play.

In the last two seasons, Chevrolet handed out over 25,000 free hockey helmets to parents of 5 year olds in Canada.


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  1. Just seeing this, you should really take time to look at the website you are on as you are looking at a coupon website that has nothing to do with the program. As well, look at the date, it is 2014. If you want to rant, do it to the right people and by the way, get some brains and pay attention to what you are doing!!! Goodness.

  2. Hello. It is my sons first year in hockey and he is 5 years old right now (he was born November 22nd,2010 though). I can not open the page to fill out the details. What should I do?
    Thanks, Scott Vallier (Son – Curtis)

  3. It appears that the offer was made in 2014 for 5 year old players. It doesn’t appear to be offered in 2016.

  4. Hi there it’s great you give free helmets to 5 year olds but what about other kids playing for the first time? Our 9 year old twins are playing for the first time and we would really appreciate a free helmet. Hockey is an expensive sport. Thanks for considering removing the age limit from your program.

  5. I’m not able to open the click here to see if I qualify or print out form windows.
    Can I just show up at a Chevrolet dealership with my registration and my son’s birth certificate?

    Thank you,
    Matthew McCaig


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