Chick Advisor has a new application to try product review opportunity; A few lucky Canadians will get to try out New free Samples of Benzagel Moisturizing Lotion!


Apply to try: Benagel Lotion Free Sample Product

Lucky chosen Canadian residents will get a chance to review the latest Benzagel Lotion  in the following Benzal lotion:

Benzagel After Care Moisturizing Lotion is an affordable skincare alternative, and you get a chance to Apply to Try it.

  • Benzal Benzagel After Care Moisturizing Lotion

Free Sample  Rules:

  • It would help if you were a participating member of Chick Advisor with a minimum of 5 Reviews.
  • Must meet the deadline
  • Not everyone will Qualify
  • Canadian Resident
  • Age of Majority

Click Here to Apply

Opportunity to Apply to try ends May 10, 2021

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 What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club You Might Ask?


It’s a Canadian Product Review Site.

The ChickAdvisor Product Review Club is a membership of ladies who review brand products, giving their feedback and ratings on said products.

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What better than free products by mail.

Sign up to become a ChickAdvisor Reviewer today, and you’ll be on your way to a fun new adventure. Not to mention, you will have a say in the brand products that hit the shelves. Something you didn’t like about a product? They use your input to make changes or upgrades as well.

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