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  • Organic pure coconut oil from deep in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, where the most nutrient-rich coconuts are found.
  • Pure Beeswax extracted from the heart of our upper northwest USA.
  • Pure, organic, fair trade, cold-pressed, no extreme heat, and chemical-free
  • No BPA, Chemical extraction, or preservatives of any kind.

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What is to come, You Might Ask?

The come Bodystick, a product that is made with organic coconut oil from the Phillippines. It is then blended with natural Beeswax from the upper US.

What it does;

  • Restores dry, damaged hair
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing
  • Repairs scars and skin blemishes
  • Hydrates and cleans the skin
  • Great makeup remover
  • and many more qualities

About your free sample? (small shipping and handling fee)

  • Limited to the USA or Canada only.
  • Because of the overwhelming response, We had to ask for help with shipping.
  • Feel free to email us, live chat, or call the toll free number if you have any concerns/needs
  • We agree that you have a right to try it before you buy it, and that is why the sample will remain free.
  • No Contracts or any other commitments. We just humbly ask for help with the shipping.