Cold-FX Coupon For Canada – Save $10 off (High Value Print Coupon)


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Cold-FX Coupon for Canada.

Coupons are available in Print format.

This coupon is available in print format only.

This Cold-FX Coupon expiry date is unknown. Available while quantities last.


Also, Save another $5.00 as a cashback offer from Caddle 

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Need Cold And Flu Symptom Relief?

Try the Cold-FX Brand to see just how great it works.

This brand is said to be proven(clinically) to reduce the amount of time you have those flu symptoms and also how severe they are. It does this by giving your immune system a little boost when colds and flu’s hit.

Wondering what the difference is between Cold-FX and Cold-FX Extra?

Well, Cold-FX you are able to take daily as a defence against catching the flu. Cold-FX Extra as a higher dose of medication, therefore, should only be taken when you already have a cold, or suspect you may have come into contact with the virus. Whether it be from a large gathering or whatever.

Tools to help you fight flu’s and colds

Here you will find some helpful tools to help you fight that cold before and when it happens. We all know how miserable we feel when a cold hits. Read these tips on how to keep from getting and also getting rid of it faster.

  • Cold Flu Cycle
  • Symptom Checker
  • Flu Tracker
  • Cold Flu News

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