Cora Advent Contest 2017 : Day 12!!

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Cora Advent Contest

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Chez Cora Brand Of Restaurants

The first ever restaurant was opened back in 1987 when Cora purchased a small diner in Montreal, Quebec. Within only a few months she completely transformed the menu and made it her own. She began to focus on breakfasts. Not your typical breakfasts that we all knew back then, these contained added family traditions. Cereals, fruit, cheese, omelets, crepes, french toast, and much more. If you are looking for a specific breakfast item you are sure to find it on Cora’s menu.

She began to change breakfast as we know it. Even her kids gave her ideas on what to make. What they liked and what they didn’t like she soon found out that other kids felt the same way. So, little by little she changed each dish until she made it perfect. Adding healthy touches along the way. The colorful presentation of these dishes alone were enough to draw people into this establishment.

The food looked fantastic, but did it taste fantastic?

In a word…YES!! When customers sat down at Cora’s and took their first bite most of them were hooked immediately. There was just something special about eating at Cora’s. The aroma of breakfast, the hustle and bustle of people, the way you could sit back and relax and start the day off right. The food was absolutely superb.

If you find yourself near a Cora’s location in the future, be sure to drop in and try this brand for yourself. You will not be disappointed.



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