Country Style Contest

This is not a great giveaway, as it doesn’t have many details, but we haven’t seen a Country style restaurant giveaway in a while, so here it goes

Win a $25.00 Gift Card

How to Enter

Comment on their Facebook page

Contest Rules:

There are no rules posted, but most likely a single entry, and you should have a country-style restaurant in your province or nearby.

Click Here to enter 

The contest end date is unknown


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Country Style Doughnuts

People that hear the name Country Style often associate this brand with doughnuts. Yes, they are famous for their mouth-watering doughnuts and serve piping-hot coffee, muffins, and much more.

Check out their daily deals and ongoing promotions. You will find different deals featured each day. If you do not have time to grab breakfast in the morning, why not head to your nearest Country Style on the way to work for a little pick-me-up. Great prices on their food and beverages as well.

C.S. Card

If you are like me and hate searching for that loose change when it’s time to pay up, why not purchase a Country Style card. Load it with the amount you want and present it at the time of purchase. Convenient and quick, just the way I like it.

Healthy Meal Choices

Many fast-food joints offer high fat calorie-packed items that make you feel sluggish and just plain guilty. A country-style, you can find healthier meal options to start the day right. A healthy breakfast can lead to a better day and better overall health