Crayola Canada Sale: Save up to 48% off on Super Tip Markers


Crayola Sale Super Fine Tip Markers  

Did you get an Adult Coloring book for Christmas? Well Now you can get the super fine tip markers for a great deal of just $11.98 at either Amazon Canada or Walmart Canada


This is a fabulous Deal because Walmart sells them for $11.97 for the same set!

Free Shipping on orders over $35

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Crayola is an American brand that is mainly known for manufacturing artists’ supplies. Initially, it used to supply industrial pigment but soon started producing art products for home and school use.

Established in 1885, Crayola products are designed to accompany your kids through their growing years. They help your kids to spark their imagination, do creative projects without much hassle, and stimulate critical thinking through art-infused learning. The products provide value throughout key developmental milestones in addition to providing years of fun.

Crayola used to manufacture chalk at first and then gradually started producing other related goods including crayons, markers, colored pencils, modeling clay, paints, etc. However, the company is best known for its crayons.

Apart from producing art & craft supplies, Crayola produces merchandise including Tie Dye Bear, Mega Crayon, Crayola Apparel, Mugs & Thermoses, and more;, gift items including Custom 64 Box, Paint Maker, and Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection; and toys including Light Designers, Silly Putty, Creative Makers, Refill Packs, and many more.

Since the beginning of their crayon production, Crayola has brought forth more than 200 distinctive colors in a huge variety of assortments. The company also markets some specialty crayons including scented, washable, sidewalk, twistable, triangular-shaped, etc.

To buy the Crayola crayons and other products in Canada, browse through the e-commerce sites or search in the retail stores.




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