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Free Crown Royal Custom Labels


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Free Crown Royal Canada Labels

These FREE Personalized Crown Royal Labels are the perfect any special occasion

Get Creating Free Labels for any occasion – Birthdays, Anniversary, and much more!

Easy to Create!

I’m so happy this came back to life after disappearing for a few years.

Note:You will need to confirm your age of majority to get on to their site:

  • Click on Custom Labels at the top of page 
  • Takes up to 15 Days for Delivery upon ordering)
  • Custom labels are free, limit 5 per month.

Get your free labels here 

Ongoing Free Labels

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About Crown Royal Canada

Crown Royal is a very proudly Canadian company that was first launched in 1939, in Amherstburg Ontario, Canada (just south of Windsor Ontario). In 1964 they broke into the USA market. Four years later, in 1968, they had their very first magazine ad “The Butler Did It” published.

Today Crown Royal is #1 selling whiskey in the world!

Crown Royal Whisky Products

  • Crown Royal Deluxe ~ Exceptional Smoothness And Taste
  • Crown Royal Black ~ Bold Flavour
  • Crown Royal Maple Finished ~ Delicious Canadian Maple Taste
  • Crown Royal Limited Edition ~ Most Flavourful Whisky Taste
  • Crown Royal Reserve ~ Their Highest Quality Whisky
  • Crown Royal Cask NO.16 ~ Distinct Cask Taste



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Free Crown Royal Custom Labels


  1. The labels where perfect thank you very much and hope the person that came up with this idea is rewarded. Again perfect

  2. Do you still send out free Labels? I ordered some a few weeks ago and have not received them yet… Friends ordered them at Christmas and didn’t receive them at all

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