Cyber Monday Canada Deals 2016 & Contest!


Cyber Monday is almost here, and the staff at Canadian Free want to help you save money! We are putting together a list of all of the best Cyber Monday sales available to Canadians.

Please keep an eye on this blog post, we will be updating it from now until the end of Cyber Monday with all of the hottest Cyber Monday sales and deals our staff finds!


List of Cyber Monday Canada Deals 2016




Cyber Monday Cash Giveaway



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Cyber Monday Online Shopping Tips

  1. Keep an eye on this page for all the best deals and coupon codes.
  2. Most sales start at midnight EST tonight, if you aren’t a nigh owl like me, you may want to take a nap this afternoon.
  3. Check out the sales hours before they go live at midnight, and figure out what you want, and make a list, so you are ready.
  4. At midnight, when the sales go live, you are going to have to be REALLY quick with the really great deals (they sometimes only last 1-2 minutes)
  5. To prevent credit card fraud, I suggest only shopping at well known retailers, whos urls en in .ca or .com. Our list only contains trusted websites, that we ourselves have previously bought from.
  6. Use PayPal over credit cards if you have the choice. PayPal is the safest way to shop online. If by chance you do get scammed (and it has happened to the best of us, myself included) PayPal will get you your money back. And the scammer doesn’t have a credit card number to keep using over and over again.

Happy Cyber Monday Shopping!





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