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David’s Tea Free Tea With Rewards Program: Frequent Steeper Club

Here is what you will receive when you become a member;

  • Free tea on your birthday plus the coupon for loose tea as soon as you sign up!
  • Earn FREE loose leaf tea when you make a purchase
  • Be the first to find out about promotions and new product releases
  • and much more.

Sign up in-store, and they will give you two cards(one for your wallet and the other for your keychain).

Every time you purchase something at David’s Tea, you will earn valuable points. Redeem those points on FREE TEA!!

Join David’s Tea Frequent Steeper Club Here.

Ongoing offer



About Davids Tea

“David’s Tea” is a premium tea retailer devoted to high-quality customer service. They started serving the world’s finest teas since 2008: the date when the founder: David Segal opened his first store in Toronto. Five years later, they hold more than 40 stores in both Canada and the united states. They offer more than 150 types of tea, including black and green tea, herbal and exotic infusions and a lot more… Tea tasting is fun, healthy, and it’s for free! So, Be there!

Some Tea flavours we recommend

Herbal teas are not only healthy but also tasty. They can be made based on fresh flowers, fruits, spices or natural herbs. Here are some of the most excellent products you can find at David’s store:

Amaretto Essentially made with fennel seeds with some rosebuds and rose petals additions, a unique aroma that you should taste!

Exotica As the name states, it’s an exotic tea based on lemon, pineapple and orange peel that will make you hot!

Northern lights – Basically made with apple, peppermint and raspberry: a mix of sweet fruits that will make feel happy!

Bravissimo– Coming directly from Italy with the unique flavours of chamomile, licorice root, and rosehips, Bravissimo is the real “Tastissimo” tea!




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