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Enter For A Chance To Win A Degree Prize Package!


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Contest closes Monday, September 25, 2017 at 11:59pm

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The Degree Women Brand

Get 24-hour wetness and odor protection with this brand of deodorant.

Enhanced with something called MotionSense Technology that releases little bursts of freshness with each movement you make. Never have to worry about applying during your workout or throughout the day.

Anti Perspirants and Deodorants

Clinical With MotionSense; they say that this is the strongest product that they have invented so far. It was tested time and time again and the results are in. It works! Keeping you dry longer during your active day.

Expert Protection with MotionSense: little bursts of freshness gets released each time you move.

Expert Protection Original

Ultra Clear: Gives you the same amount of protection, but comes in a clear stick. No worries about that white residue on your little black dress.

Dry Protection: This is the original deodorant. Still gets the job done while giving you 24 hours of odor and wetness protection.

Men’s Products

Men’s Deodorant varies a little from the ladies. We are different and so is our deodorant protection needs. Same odor-fighting technology.

Clinical With Recharge Technology

p to 3X the sweat reduction vs.  regular anti-perspirants

Adrenaline Series With Motionsense Technology; Same protection, but it’s triggered by adrenaline.


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