Dentyne is giving away more free samples of their Ice Midnight Mint Gum for those who did not request one yet. Just send a pickup line to one of your friends, and this awesome freebie is yours!!

Get a free sample of Dentyne Ice Gum at Dentyne Canada’s Facebook page.

Yesterday’s samples went very quickly, so be watching Free Stuff on  Facebook very carefully because we will update this post as soon as these samples are offered again.

There will be a total of 50,000 free packs available.

*Please note, Dentyne has just informed me that if you ordered a pack in their last giveaway, you are not eligible to receive this one.

Open to Canadian residents ages 18+

Dentyne Free Sample Dentyne Ice Gum

( Ends November 24, 2013)

The Dentyne Brand

This brand is owned by Kraft foods and is all about chewing gum.

In 1899 a druggist named Franklin V. Canning invented a chewing gum that he said helped promote good oral hygiene by freshening breath and preventing tooth decay.

On the package, the words “to keep teeth white” were seen.

The word Dentyne came from the two words Dental Hygiene. Very interesting indeed.

The first flavour was a cinnamon gum that contained sugar. Wow, I thought for sure it would be a sugarless mint variety.

Dentyne Ice

This is a sugarless gum that comes in intense mint flavours. If you are looking for a quick burst of flavour, this would be the product to go with.

Dentyne Fire

Same intense flavour but in a spicy cinnamon kind of way. This is also sugarless gum.


This gum is a mixed-berry and does not have that overpowering burst of flavour for those who want a mellow kind of gum.


Dentyne Shine was first introduced back in 2009 as the Trident White Whitening Gum. It’s again with a vengeance.

Dentyne Pure

This is a fairly new product introduced to help fight bad breath from bacteria build up in food.