The Difference Between City and Small Town Extreme Couponing


Through the duration of this article I hope to show you the good the bad and the ugly about couponing in a smaller center.

Let’s get the UGLY over with, below are some of the worst things about small town couponing.

 Jumping on the Sales Cycle

 The saying “There will always be another sale” doesn’t always carry over to people who reside in small towns, as such one much be extra vigilant when it comes to watching flyers and jump on sales when they can. This is vitally important for those who have coupons expiring in the next 6 weeks as you may miss the sale cycle quickly; This is especially true when it comes to printables and other hot coupons from sites like and

The Bad ~ Limited Choices

I live in what one would consider a 3 store center. I do the majority of my shopping at Wal-mart Super Center, No Frills and Shoppers Drug Mart; I also have access to IGA AND Co-op. Unfortunately I only have 1 of each store within my reach so running to different stores to get the fabulous deals and to see what’s in stock is not an option

Insert Coupon Issues

Small towns do not have inserts in their newspapers. You generally will have to purchase a larger center paper in order to get the coupon inserts.  See List of Newspapers. 
This can pose a problem when you want to stock up on a certain coupon in an insert. Thank goodness for (Where you can shop from previous inserts and pick and choose your coupons.) Another option would be to participate in a lot of trading or jump on several coupon Trains to get these for less.

The Flip Side: The Good and the Awesome

Smaller Centres have LESS “Extreme Couponers” that clear shelves.

Smaller Centres have a better chance of keeping tear pads in the store, past the morning they get put up.  I’ve seen tear pads up for past two weeks, before they disappear.

Smaller Centres have less line ups to deal with, and generally you know all the cashiers on a first name basis; Some you might even be related to or know their family which makes for a much less stressful checkout.





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