DIY St. Patrick’s Day Treat Cone Holder

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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun time of year where everyone is Irish at heart! Get into the spirit of the season when you create this simple and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day treat holder. Using just a few simple materials, you can make a treat holder perfect for children’s parties or even to pass out as favors at the office! You are sure to be the star with not only your kiddos and friends but your budget as well when you give this fun and frugal St. Patrick’s Day craft a try. Take a look below at how simple one is to make.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Treat Holder

Supplies needed:

  • Green paper party hats
  • Green or St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook paper
  • Gold tinsel
  • Gold chocolate coins
  • Tape or craft glue
  • Scissors

We were able to find all of the above supplies at our local dollar and craft stores. Our total cost for these materials was around $6, and we were able to craft quite a few treat holders with the supplies we bought. Now that is some frugal fun!

1. Begin by turning the party hat upside down. By doing so you are creating the base of the treat bucket.
2. Snip away the elastic. Cut a wide strip of scrapbook paper. Adhere it to the sides of the hat so that a handle is created.
3. Fill the inside of the treat bucket with gold tinsel. We used just regular Christmas tinsel. Make it nice and full, with tinsel flowing over the sides.
4. Place your chocolate gold coins in the treat bucket. Your bucket is now ready for giving and displaying!

You can add any other embellishments you want to your bucket. Peel and stick letters, stickers, and glitter are all fun options.

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Give this fun and frugal St. Patrick’s Day treat bucket a try and see how easy it is to craft some Irish fun!


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