DIY Valentine’s Day Sock Cupcakes


If you are looking for a unique treat to give your Valentine this year, look no further than these sweet and simple Valentine’s Day Sock Cupcakes. These Valentine’s Day sock cupcakes are a great non-edible alternative to your typical Valentine’s Day goodies. Made from a few simple and inexpensive dollar store supplies, you can make a batch of these purposeful and practical sock cupcakes in no time. Take a peek below so you can learn how to create these yourself. They are a gift that anyone would love to receive.

Valentine’s Day Sock Cupcakes
Supplies needed:

  • Valentine’s Day themed socks
  • White or colored cupcake cups
  • Red, pink, or purple crafting pom poms

We were able to find all of these items at our local dollar store. For around $3, we were able to buy what we needed to create a pair of cupcakes to give to someone special. Now that is a frugal and fun gift!

1. Begin by folding your sock in half long ways.
2. Start rolling the sock while it is still folded. You want to roll it as you would when making a jelly roll.
3. You can safety pin the end of the sock to itself so that the roll stays together. If you roll it tight enough however you may not have to. For our sample picture, we rolled tightly and were able to nestle the sock inside without pinning it.
4. Place the rolled sock in a cupcake cup. You will put each sock in its own cup.
5. Top with a pom pom in a cherry like color. You won’t want to glue it on as you want the socks to be usable later, so simply nestle the pom pom into the socks until it stays in place.


Your Valentine’s Day sock cupcakes are now ready for gifting! These will look so sweet in a gift bag or cupcake box even. Your recipient can enjoy a new pair of festive socks in a way that is fun, frugal and unique. Give this simple Valentine’s Day DIY project a try and really get into the spirit!


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