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Learn it!

If this #Self Isolation lasts for much longer, We may have to start learning how to do these services ourselves! I can tell you already; it’s all YouTube. Now is the start considering? It’s time to do some research on how to #selfcare.  And with all this self Isolation and #selfdistancing – It could be fun to learn a new skill (even if we use it at home)

With Job losses, and fears rising, sometimes its best to cope with knowing you are doing what you can to social distance as well as laying aside money during this time. #Flattenthe Curve I think the whole #socialdistancing will still be promoted in weeks, and maybe a few months.

And Remember #Mental Health Is Important


diy haircut

How to Cut Your Hair ( DIY)

I know it’s only been a few weeks since it #selfdistancing isolation. I don’t know about you – But I needed a haircut before the #selfisolation took effect.    It’s a good thing I’ve been a  DIY hairdresser for years (I always crop my bangs and trim the ends), and when my son was young and liked a short haircut – I would lots of times just buzz cut him at home.    Thank goodness there is YouTube and can find lessons on how to snip your hair (and family members)

Savings $30.00 for a man’s haircut, and $50 for Women 

Items You may need to purchase

Do It Yourself Self Care Guide: (Haircuts, Dye, Therapy) |

How to Dye Your Hair ( DIY)

I merely have to suggest at this time Not to go crazy with colour – No one knows when the Canadian government will allow salons to reopen!    And remember there will be a waiting list to fetch in once salons open. Likewise

Most Drugstore brands of Hair Dye have instructions on the packages inside,  Also for those Pesky Gray Hairs appearing on the roots? Consider Root Touchup 

There are tons of Youtube Videos to watch depending on what kind of dye job you are considering – Like Going Blond from Brunette etc.

Savings $80 – $120 

how to cut dogs hair ( diy)

DIY Dog Grooming

Our Furry friends may need grooming as well!  I have learned how to cut my dog hair on Youtube – Search “How to cut ________ ( breed) hair.    One of my childhood besties was a dog groomer for many years – so I did manage to acquire a bit of guidance as we had the same breed dog for many years.

It takes me a few hours with a few treat timeouts. It’s not a quick job. I usually will give my dog a bath the night before the haircut and shave him.  I will warn you – it’s a messy job!

Savings $55 per dog

$10.00 per bath

Items you may need: Or purchase a kit on amazon

  • Sharp scissors
  • Dog Clippers  and Oil
  • Pet Nail Clippers
  • Baby shampoo works for shampoo if you don’t want to spend money on special shampoo.

Do It Yourself Self Care Guide: (Haircuts, Dye, Therapy) |

Manicure Your Eyebrows

Time to Invest into some Tweezers or perhaps a Hot Wax kit! At least there are tons of products on the market when it comes to Eyebrows, as everyone these days wants to cause the perfect brow look.

Save yourself $20 – $30  by doing it yourself

DIY Massage

Do It Yourself Massage

I think it’s way more relaxed with a Partner to facilitate you out with this one.    But if you don’t have a life with a partner, you could always invest in one of those Massagers that can reach your spinal column.    I’m no medical doctor, but I advise you to look up on Pinterest DIY Massage oils and learn about essential oils, vitamins.

Do It Yourself Self Care Guide: (Haircuts, Dye, Therapy) |

Do it Yourself Physio Therapy

Not a suggestion to learn how to perform it yourself instead of guidance from a therapist. But since we can’t be within close distance to others, You may need to try and memorize or remember what or how those exercises He/She told you do.    Again YouTube could be a significant aid.    As well, you could use “Sports Tape” for your issue and relieve some tension.

Let me know in the comments on some Good Youtube videos you have used to Do It Yourself! 

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