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New Pet Coupon just came up on our  Coupon Portal

Enjoy these followings savings:

  • Save $2.00 when you buy any NERF Dog Toy at Walmart or other select retail stores.

Print Dog Toy Coupons ( look under Brand – nerf)

Coupon has unknown Expiry Date:

If this coupon has expired: Please See More Other  Coupons for Pets 


Why Purchase Dog Toys:

Help give your pet exercise and activate your mind.  Pets love attention and to be stimulated – They genuinely don’t want to sleep and eat all day.  My dog loves to play fetch for treats – and has a toy box filled with toys that he will go to and choose his chew toy – including taking them all out! They can be just as bad as toddlers.

Tug of War:

Larger dogs tend to want to activate their muscles and love to play tug a war with their toys.  The challenge is what enables their mind.

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Dog Toys for Boredom

1. Look for Sound Making toys

2. Toys that move – look for toys that will bounce quickly,

3. Toys that release treats upon puzzled

Other ways to keep your dog entertained.

  1. If it’s not hot out – take your dog on a few simple errands – they love to be with their human companions and is excellent stimulation for them.
  2. Take them for a Walk
  3. Teach them new tricks
  4. Buy and rotate new toys