Elmer’s Glue Giveaway: Win Elmer`s prize Pack-HURRY!

Elmer’s Glue Giveaway: Win Elmer`s prize Pack-HURRY!


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Finding the Right Product

Elmers creates a variety of products for adhesive issues for all your project needs from Crafts to Wood Fillers

You probably know Elmers for Glue – as thats their largest product line.

Elmer Glue History:

Elmers began back in 1947 under a few different trade names and was originally packaged in a ice cream pop stick in glass bottles and then shortly after  was renamed to Elmers

In around the 1990’s Elmers was then launched as a separate operating company and in 2002 Elmers was purchased by another firm and merged with Hunt Corporation

Today, Elmer’s Head office  in Columbus, Ohio with offices around the world.

Other Family of well known brands such as Krazy Glue®, X-ACTO®, ProBond® and Painters®



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