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Escada Fragrance Brand

This brand was launched back in 1976. The three words that they use to describe their scents are elegance, glamour, and sensuality. These products are made with the highest quality in mi and huge attention to detail. Perfection in a bottle, so to speak.

The newest scent right now is Cherry In The Air. This is a limited edition fragrance that is specifically designed for spring/summer. Inspired by the smell of blossoming cherries in summer. There is nothing quite like a warm sunny day with a gentle breeze drifting sweet smells across your nose.

Other fragrances you will find.

Some other collections you will find under the Escada logo include;

Me Fragrances: Absolutely me scents are inspired by a rose macaron blended with raspberry sauce. Very fresh and inviting.

Classic Fragrances like Especially Escada. For the spontaneous woman who likes to let her hair down. This is a fun and adventurous scent that will bring out your true self.

Sophisticated and joyful are another two words that would describe the Escada brand.