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Let’s Talk about the Controversy of Do it yourself Masks and whether or not to wear one.

This topic has been around for the last week, at least on my Facebook feed. According to online Services, the CDC is now saying everyone should wear a mask when leaving the house. I’m not sure what Canada guidelines are.

Canada CTV News Says some situations should consider wearing a civilian face mask

Here is an Excellent source (infographic) on Countries that civilians that wear Mask vs countries that endorse public mask-wearing

Everyone is now talking about creating them and the debate of which one is best; I have my questions – which fabric is the best to use.  So many questions, and only not enough answers to be available.  Tons of “Bad Information” is also available.” 

It’s Voluntary (Your Choice) 

N95 and N100 masks are not easy to find – there is an unfortunate shortage,.  All N95 is going to our Canadian Front Line Workers First, and they simply can not be found in any stores


Do it Yourselves Masks is not a Personal Protection Equipment  

Do not think you are safe to be careless.  It’s crucial to

  • NOT touch your face or DIY Mask once on your face.
  • Always take off your Mask from behind and never touch the front of your Mask to Remove
  • You still need to Social Distance 


How to Wear a Cloth Face Covering

  • It needs to fit snugly fit against the side of your face
  • It needs to secure with ties or ear loops
  • It must include multiple layers of fabric
  • It also must allow for breathing
  • It needs to be able to be washed and dried without damage.

Do it Yourself Mask using a Pillow Case (NO Sew)

According to this Youtuber – a University study shows that cotton fabric stops 50% of particles from getting through.


The Above Video also shows you how to make a Mask using Coffee Filters, and she linked to her source here ( If you want to watch the video from the actual source)



Do it Yourself Face Mask Sewing Tutorials


The Above Video is it’s utterly different fit – but what I like about it the sides don’t have gaps, and it doesn’t look like the top no side gaps – It ties in the back of the head and not an elastic around the ears.  Also, the above  – you don’t need to Sew Pleats.



Do it Yourself Nose Wire Mask

If you want a better fit mask or perhaps you want to try another DIY to try. Here’s a video with a Nose Wire.


This post is not to promote fear! I am merely trying to help wade through the information for you on some of the better “DIY Masks and what information to consider.

Best Material For DIY Masks

  • Any material you can not see through according to the New York Times
  • a thread count of 600 + (which is almost any standard sheets)
  • Bandanas have the least amount of protection

Be Aware if using Other Material besides Fabric

If you are trying to think outside the box, or have watched videos using other “Filters” besides coffee filters (I’ve seen videos on using vacuum bags, air filters, furnace filters etc.)

You want to make sure if you are using a “Filter” you sandwich it in between the fabric layers

Look at the List of materials used in it – Make sure It Doesn’t have “Fiber Glass “in it.”


Everything You need to Know about DIY Masks |