Facebook Pulled our Page for Viral Content without Warning or Explanation

Facebook Pulled our Page for Viral Content without Warning or Explanation


Facebook Pulled our Page for Viral Content without Warning or Explanation!

-We had a Vegetable Recall Alert that went Viral on Facebook – I mean viral with over 40k shares and over 1.5 million views  in the course of 28 hours.  Link to Post that went viral 

The last update was about Bell and donation for each fan they received –  with a direct link to Bell Canada’s fan page: This facebook update was only seen by 2000 people when the entire page vanished.

We have not received any communication from facebook. – No warning – no email – No explanation! 

We stay up to date on rules: We never say “share or like”  and always use a third party application to host facebook contests.

I don’t remember the last time we got a warning – perhaps two years ago about a problem with an image used !

Perhaps Viral Post problem?

When this post went Viral – we received 4 Private messages to stop notifications from fans  – and we responded to please Unlike the page.  As any page owner can NOT Remove Fans . Perhaps to many people complained – and Facebook just deleted the page?

We’ve had posts go viral before – but this one seemed to create chaos on our servers – so I’m guessing it’s the best viral post in a long time.

Perhaps Lack of CFS spending money on ad dollars? 

I’ve tried paying for ads but felt it wasn’t worth it  – I think we only spent $250 ( We’ve been on Facebook since 2009) until January 28 2014 – at 5pm MST when the page simply vanished without warning or Explanation

Perhaps We have upset Facebook because of Growth of this viral post! – We gained 734 fans in the course of 28 hours ( Crazy Growth)

Or Perhaps because of viral content – with complaints – we were not even reviewed due to Canadian Free Stuff not being a huge spender of ads

We obviously have attempted to contact Facebook several ways – and NO RESPONSE 

Facebook has Executed us without a Trial – or a Charge for that matter 

If Facebook can unilaterally pull your Facebook page after years of hard work without any details, what is the value of a Facebook page for business?

We are very upset to loose our 51, 627 Fans – and if you are upset and want to help us – attempt to either get an explanation or our Facebook page returned back Please do the following:

What Fans Can do to help

Fill out this form and tell them to bring back our Facebook Page   https://www.facebook.com/FreeSamplesCouponsContests and You miss us already.  – you can even show them this blog post

Tweet and Use any social Media to spread the word!  – Send it to your local Radio Station or Newspaper! 

About https://www.facebook.com/FreeSamplesCouponsContests


Last Image I could see:


What I don’t see As Page owner:

  • No Your page was removed as violation of xyz reason
  • How to Apply a Review

 Click here to go to OUR New Temporary Facebook Page


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