Febreze Canada Deals Walmart or Amazon

Febreze Fabric Extra Strength Fabric Freshener

Your choice of where to find this deal

Just $3.47 at each spot!

Shop Amazon.ca ( Free Shipping on orders over $35)

Shop Walmart.ca ( Free Shipping on orders over $50 )

Shop Instore at Walmart or Online and Use Checkout51 and save additional $1.00 in Rebate

Newest Febreze Product

Febreze Stick & Refresh with Command Strips – Simply stick them to your wall and get a fresh scent for up to 30 days. No batteries required

How Does Febreze Work?

It says it works by trapping odor molecules in a chemical – but it doesn’t actually remove odor moceules nor does it actually clean the item it comes in contact with according to some blogs!

But it does seem to mask terrible orders at least!



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