Fingerlings Hugs Canada Sale

Fingerlings Hugs – Bella – Friendly Interactive Plush Monkey Toy – by WowWee

This Fingerlings Hugs Monkey ( Interactive) Her Name is Bella – is predicted to be one of top 25 Toys this 2018 Christmas Season.

Fingerlings are soft. The super long arms are perfect for big hugs as well as kids can swing and rock them and in general have them to have fun with! Interactive: Rock them to sleep, Give and receive kiss’s – Record what you say and have them repeat it back in a sense of humor way.

Right Now you can purchase this Fingerlings Hugs for just $29.99 at

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Watch Fingerlings Hugs in Action ” The Main Squeeze”  on Youtube

This is the Commercial for the newest Toy – It’s from WowWee – but it gives you a good idea of how the company envisioned their newest toy to be played with.

and see below for an “Unboxing toy ” as a review

Fingerlings Hugs Toy Review – Unboxing the Toy Youtube Video

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