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Finish Powerball – Finish the Job

Some days I think about how it must have been for large families who did not own a dishwasher and washed everything by hand.  Just thinking about standing in front of a sink for long periods of time scrubbing dishes makes me very thankful to have one!  I know there are a few of you that simply prefer hand washing dishes over using a dishwasher.  I honestly can see benefits to both sides.  However, with today’s technology, dishwashers have come a long way.  Along with dishwashers, the cleaning products used in them have dramatically improved over the years.


In our dishwasher, we use Finish Powerball All in 1 Tabs.  Finish is tough on dirt and does not leave a spotted residue on your dishes.  We buy Finish in bulk – a 100 tab count box.  This is cost efficient for our family of five.  Using one tablet per load, one box will last us approximately 100 days!  100 tabs = 365oz of powder or 360oz of gel.

Another benefit besides being cost efficient, is less mess!  Finish Powerball tabs are individually wrapped inside each box or container.  The wrapped tabs eliminate the guess work of how much to use.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about liquid running down the side of a bottle and gathering in a puddle around the base of your container like some other brands.

Finish Power Ball has 3x concentrated cleaning power that gently scrubs away the toughest food residues like baked on foods or coffee stains.  The small red pre-soaking Powerball in the center of the tablet is the star of the show!

Red Powerball

The Powerball is what sets this dishwashing detergent apart from other brands.  The Powerball is set in a tablet that is packed with powerful cleaners that will leave your dishes sparkling clean!

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