, Firestone Destination Anywhere Sweepstakes

Firestone Destination Anywhere Sweepstakes.

Enter for a chance to win a resort vacation for up to 4 people, a set of Firestone tires, and a $500 prepaid Visa. Vacation does not include airfare, however.


  • Daily entry
  • Open to residents of Canada only
  • Ages 21 and older
  • Quebec friendly

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Expires April 30th, 2014



Firestone Winter Force

These are the tires you need for Winter driving, and let’s face it, and we seem to be doing more and more of that for more extended periods each year in Canada.

This Winter has been especially awful when it comes to Winter driving. The slippery road conditions, the windy and blowing snow. It’s enough to make even the best driver feel a little nervous.

Stay safe and on the road where you are supposed to with Firestone.

These tires have extra gripping capacity plus a 3D directional thread to hold that tire in place, even on those icy roads.

You will still enjoy that quiet and comfortable ride. The studs are the culprit in those other brands, in my opinion.

Firestone Destination

This brand is an all-season tire. We are providing you with protection and comfort year-round. Handles correctly in mud and rain and even on those icy and snowy roads.

To find out more about the Firestone brand, be sure to search online. You will find precisely what you are looking for to keep you and your family safe today and every day.