Folgers Coffee – Free decorative labels for your folgers cans




Folgers Canada Freebies

Folgers had a great idea when they came up with this idea.

They have Free decorative labels for your coffee cans!

Now you can reuse and recycle your cans without the eyesore!

Includes Holiday Themes for a total of 13 decorative printables Plus how to design your own.

Click here to Print Labels

Offer is ongoing!


This Home School Blogger has created over 80 different designs for Folgers designs Everything from Toys, money, dry goods, and many more great ideas.

Click Here to Print out Storage Ideas 


Free decorative labels for your Folgers cans

About Folgers

Folgers  Coffee was founded in 1850 in the USA and became an American Brand. They have several fresh brewed flavors to choose from including Mountain Grown!

Wake up with the smell of Folgers Coffee! – Do you remember that Jingle?


I buy lots of this brand in my house personally! But I can’t say I’m too brand orientated I’ll buy what’s on sale which is usually this brand or Maxwell House – See Coffee Coupons if you’re wanting to find Savings: Folgers Coupons



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