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Learning Keeps You Mind Busy

During this time, It’s extremely important to keep your mind busy and to not excessively worrying about job losses, and the scary illness that leeks outside your home.  Some times Its good to Step away from Time Sucking activities that don’t leave you feeling good like “Social Media” and perhaps your starting to get bored with Binge-Watch Netflix 

Maybe it’s time to learn a new skill or pick up a Cheap Hobby 

I’ll be updating this list as I find new learning opportunities that are free to participate in.


Nikon Free Online Courses


Take a Photography Class for Free From Nikon right now – Includes everything from learning your camera to tips on taking videos.  Even though the course is designed around Having a DSLR Nikon Camera, there are lots of tips on how to take a good picture (regardless of your camera)  The Course is Free till April 30, 2020

Free Adult Courses Online |

Google Cloud

As more and more people transition to remote work and learning and people needing to learn skills while at home. Google Cloud learning resources has a huge amount of training courses and interactive webinars for FREE for 30 Days.  Things you learn that are popular Such as Cloud Architecture, Machine Learning, data engineering.  The  offer is valid till April 30, 2020



Skill Share



This one requires a Credit Card if you decide to Go “Premium”  Which you almost have to in order to get the better courses – But you do get a two-month Premium free trial. But it’s a great place to learn how to take better photos on your phone, and how to craft and cook, It’s like a poor man version of MasterClass.   Find Topics on being creative such as Creative Writing, Animation, Film & Video, Web Development, Freelance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design, and much more.


Free Adult Courses Online |

Udemy has approximately 180 courses anyone can take online. They range from learning how to code websites, to fun courses like Photography.  It’s a great place to try and see if you can find something you enjoy.