FREE Bayer Diabetes Kit When You Register Meter~Freebies Canada

FREE Bayer Diabetes Kit When You Register Meter~Freebies Canada

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Register your  Bayer BREEZE®2 or CONTOUR meter to receive a free Diabetes Kit.

Since there are two kinds of diabetes there is also two kinds of kits. One for those of you that use insulin and the other for people who control their disease with exercise/diet, and or oral meds.

This free kit includes the following items;

  • Bayer meter wallet. To hold and protect your Bayer meter and testing supplies
  • DEX® 4 Glucose Tablets. Alleviate low blood sugar with a quick glucose boost
  • Glucose tablet keychain. Convenient way to carry your glucose tablet reserve
  • Clip & Stor needle clippers. For the safe and easy disposal of insulin needles (version for insulin-users only)
  • Hand sanitizer. For cleaning your hands at any time
  • Cooler pack. Helping to keep your insulin at the correct temperature (version for insulin-users only)
  • Diabetes Self Testing Record Logbook. Helping you to manage your glucose levels more efficiently
  • Carbohydrate counter guide & pocket guide. Helping you manage your carbohydrate intake
  • Dermal Therapy Discount Coupon. Try Dermal Therapy for your different skin care needs
  • Bag. For your daily use as a snack/lunch bag

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