Free pumpkin stencils to Download and Print

Every year we put up a new list of Free stencils for you to download to help inspire new ideas for your pumpkin carving this year 2021.  We found everything from Easy pumpkin stencils to more detailed carving designs such as the Joker, and Unique designs such as doing a brand name such as Starbucks,

Would you mind enjoying the following Pumpkin Patterns Sites that have free printables for your family to enjoy?

Even though we are in a pandemic, it doesn’t mean we have to give up the tradition of carving a pumpkin with kids or get into the spirit of things. I know everyone seems to be up in the air if trick or treaters will be happening thing this Halloween.

Let’s not let it stop us in some of our traditions, even if you are the only one to enjoy it.

Happy Halloween! 

Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart has a beautiful collection of 43 free pumpkin carving stencils. It’s a Slide Show – so remember to use the arrows to scroll across to look at all the possible carving designs t. The patterns are all in pdf files, so you will need to use Adobe or something similar to print the design.

Pumpkin Pile: 

It claims to be one of the best places for pumpkin carving stencils on the internet, at least for 2020 – Who knows about 2021 – Check it out and see what you find! Choose from Super Hero patterns, and Cartoons, Video Games, and much more to choose from for pumpkin carving.


DIY Network has some unique pumpkin carving ideas! Mostly Beginner level – If you are new to pumpkin carving – perhaps check out the DIY network for a few options. Enjoy traditional scary pumpkin carvings with a bit of skill! Great to learn on and more simple designs!

Wildlife Organization:

If you are looking for something cool and exotic – and have a thing for “wild animals,” here’s a great place to check out for Free Animals to carve out for this year’s Halloween pumpkin.  Choose from butterflies, gorillas, rhinos, turtles, coral, African landscapes and more. Check out by skill level as well:


Better Homes and Garden!

Better Homes & Garden! Love it! Haha – This one, the kids, will love -EMOJI’s and all the young Hipsters and tech geeks will be sure to smile! And this one looks like it would be a beginner pumpkin to learn on! Some very Unique pumpkin carving ideas.


Oh My Goodness – I can’t believe they even have “Duck Dynasty” for Halloween pumpkin carvings.  Found at Stoneykins Patterns: They have over 100 Free Patterns. They range from beginner to Master Carvers. Includes Patterns for ACDC, Jesus, Curious George, Fox and the Hound, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean.


From the Pumpkin Lady Whom offers several free carving patterns for your jack o lantern! Choose from Famous Faces, great ghosts, Words, breast cancer symbols and even traditional harvest fall themes! Including some abstract ones for those that want to be original this year. This site is a great site to look at pumpkin carving patterns.



Kryshiggins. has all the Angry Birds Characters up for Grab for Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils. So if you want something simple – Yet original, consider “Angry Birds.” A great idea for over several years as being a unique pumpkin carving pattern


Nickelodeon Junior

If you’re a huge fan of Nickelodeon TV, you can choose 1 of 50 plus characters to carve out this 2021 Halloween season! You will download all in 1 to decide to print. You will need a PDF file program to open these pumpkin carving patterns.



POP Stars!

If you want to try your hand at skillful carving patterns skills – consider a portrait of your favourite stars – If you’re a Royal Fan- Try Kate Middleton or classic Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and more. At Pop Sugar 

She Knows: Adult Themed

If you are an adult and want to try out a more “adult” pumpkin theme: try Starbucks or Game of Thrones, words, Doctor Who, and other cute ones to try out from the She Knows website. for carving patterns


Do you have a Favourite Halloween pumpkin carving site to share with us? 

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