Kraft Canada New Promotion

This week with the Quarantine thing going on this year of 2020, Kraft has a little Online cookbook you can download.

The cookbook contains 20 Recipes for the stay-at-home cook!  Guess what it’s called? It’s called “The Essential Quarantine Cookbook.”

Here’s the Bonus Part.

They will donate a Kraft Heinz product to the Food Banks in Canada to help those that need the support the most at this troubling time.  They are going to donate up to a maximum of 20,000 donations.

So to help contribute to the food banks. Download and Support today! You will be helping someone in Need.

And best Yet, You get 20 new recipes to look over and try while you are at home.

What to Expect inside the Free Digitial Cookbook?

, Kraft Free Cookbook


Inside you’ll find 20 easy recipes for kid-friendly meals and as well as some freezer meals.  You will find some recipes that use a lot of pantry essentials. Chances are you will have most if not all the ingredients.

I am personally excited to try out the Perogy Casserole – There is not a Perogy in it!